Type 941 Turvy Compass Pocket Jacket

Type 941 Turvy Compass Pocket Jacket

  •  4.500,00 DKK

The Turvy Compass Pocket Jacket is based on the Compass Pocket Shirt, spun around by 90° so that the tails join at the front and back of the jacket, and the large curved pockets sit all the way across each side of the body.

The jacket body panels are fully lined with cotton satin curtain lining, but the sleeves are unlined to keep them light and so that they can easily be rolled up.The pocket panels are cut as circles (marked out with a compass) and folded in half.

Hadal Blue Inverse Butcher's Stripe Cotton Twil


  • Made in England
  • Cotton body and lining fabrics woven in England

  • Turned olive wood buttons
  • Panel lined body
  • 100% cotton thread

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