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Boat builders half-hull scale model in wood of S/S Söderhamn #76 build on Helsingör shipbuilding yard in 1899 for

H.M. Gehrckens, Hamburg.

L. 162cm    H.22cm   D.12cm.

The model has a few minor chips but all in all in a very good condition.

Originally built for Gehrckens' baltic liner-service , from 1900 she was deployed to Walvis bay bringing troop supplies to German South-West Africa. During World War 1 she was trading in the baltic again. In 1915 Söderhamn was torpedoed, but did not sink because of her cargo of timber. At the end of hostilities the ship was delivered to England, but bought back from Gehrckens in 1921. By 1930, Söderhamn was owned by Nautik GmbH but sold to H.M. Gehrckens, Hamburg in 1937.

Söderhamn had a collision with a larger cargovessel in November 1944. Her stern was ripped from the railings to the doublebottom, but once again she didn't sink. After repairs in Danzig she took part in Operation Hannibal. Beginning on 30 January 1945 until 8 April 1945 Söderhamn made nine voyages under the command of Captain Kurt Timm, in which she rescued 19,350 refugees from East Prussia and Pomerania via the baltic.

In May 1945, Söderhamn was seized by the Allies at Kiel . She was passed to the MoWT and renamed Empire Congham. Her port of registry was London. She was placed under the management of William Robertson Ltd. The Code Letters GTFX and United Kingdom Official Number 180762 were allocated. In 1947, Empire Congham was returned to the H M Gehrckens, Hamburg and was renamed Söderhamn.She was then the largest merchant ship that Germany possessed. She served until 1958 when she was scrapped at Hamburg.

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