Continental Sportcoat Le Parisien

Continental Sportcoat Le Parisien

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Unstructured silhouette

Sturdy 100% cotton Mock-Twist stripe twill, solid black selvedge, milled in Japan.
Pocketing & half lining/facing:  NOS fancy woven stripe 100% cotton plain weave (ivory white with navy blue stripes), milled in Europe

The mfsc Continental “Le Parisien” Two-Piece Suit (Continental Sportcoat & Continental Trousers) in Mock-Twist stripe twill is designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in the USA in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co.


* Unstructured silhouette.
* Lightweight and easily folded, perfect traveling companion.
* Vintage-vibe high button front.
* Corozo wood butons.
* Half shoulder floating lining, 100% cotton NOS fancy woven stripe twill.
* Side hip pockets with flaps.
* Pocket openings reinforced on the inside with facing fabric.
* Tonal 100% cotton stitching, all clean caballo (chainstitch) flat-felled seam construction, green color “Sportsman” signature chainstitch on the inside. No open edges or overlock.
* Made in USA.


This explains how we size our garments.
The Continental Sportcoat come raw/unwashed. We recommend the usual initial 30mn cold soak/occasional hand agitation/spin dry/hang dry process.

The tagged size reflects the size of the garment after going through this process. The subtle variation of shrinkage between body fabric/lining fabric/cotton thread will result in puckering and roping, slightly altering the fit and drape. This Mock-Twist twill specific weave tends to slightly loosen up (stretch) after a rinse.

I personally opted for a snug Size 38 (Medium) in the Continental Sportcoat Le Parisien

This Mock-Twist Sportcoat release is cut very trim compared to previous versions, and sizing-up might be an option for some, especially if one plans to layer with a sweater or thick shirt, or just wants a more relaxed/unstructured look. I actually could have gone with a Size 40, but decided to stick to Size 38 and only pair the jacket with a light dress shirt.


Wash with care. Cold water, delicate cycle only, minimal eco-friendly detergent. Turn garment inside-out to minimize potential unsightly marbling of the fabric. Hang dry.

Warning: Full wash cycle on regular cycle/hot water/heat dryer are not recommended and might cause damage to the seams and structure of the garment, also resulting in irreversible excessive shrinkage.


Sportcoat and trousers available separately or as a two-piece suit for substantial saving.

Continental “Le Parisien” SPORTCOAT:

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