Continental Sportcoat - Ivory HBT

Continental Sportcoat - Ivory HBT

  •  3.800,00 DKK

This classic and versatile unstructured blazer is a part of our “Continental” series, an unpretentious all-made-in-USA casual suiting concept. The pattern is derived from a French 1950’s cotton khaki twill work coat, pulled out of an old trunk belonging to a French postal worker.

An original mfsc pattern, inspired by cotton work coats and other unstructured blazers, notably a 1950’s French postal uniform jacket.

Fancy herringbone twill, 100% cotton, 10 Oz., milled in USA.


  • Unstructured silhouette.
  • Lightweight and soft, perfect traveling companion.
  • High button front.
  • Half shoulder floating lining.
  • Side hip pockets with flaps.
  • Pocket openings reinforced on the inside.
  • Made in USA.
  • The Mister FreedomŪ Continental Sportcoat comes raw/unwashed, and will shrink to tagged size. Follow the usual recommended initial method before wearing: cold soak for 30mn, spin dry and line dry.

    Wash with care. Cold water, delicate cycle only, minimal eco-friendly detergent. Turn garment inside-out. Hang dry.

    Warning: Full wash cycle on regular cycle/hot water/heat dryer are not recommended and might cause damage to the seams and structure of the garment, also resulting in irreversible excessive shrinkage.

    The Mister FreedomŪ CONTINENTAL SPORTCOAT HBT ships raw/unwashed and will shrink to match the measurements stated below after the initial wash/rinse. 

    Minimal shrinkage to be expected. 

    36 19.5" 16.5" 27.5" 24.5"
    38 21" 17" 28.75" 26"
    40 22" 18" 30" 26.5"
    42 23" 18.5" 31" 27.5"
    44 24" 19.25" 32.25" 28"
    46 25" 20" 32.75" 28.5"

    Follow the initial wash/rinse method before wearing:

    * Cold soak for 30min

    * Washing machine spin cycle 

    * Line dry.

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