•  8.500,00 DKK

  •  Authentic vintage Japan-made “souvenir jacket” style, inspired by 1950s-1960s off-duty custom-made jackets sported by US Armed Forces personnel stationed “in country”.
  • All original MF® artwork, blending vintage Sukajan and Vietjan aesthetics.
  • Fully reversible, “A” side blue/gold with quilted pattern, and “B” side dark red/blue.
  • Traditional Sukajan silk thread embroidery work performed by expert Japanese craftsmen with decades of experience on hand-operated “free-embroidery” machines.
  • Vintage-style double-sided (reversible) “TYE Tokyo” metal zipper.
  • Traditional 100% cotton batting backing for quilted “A” side.
  • Vintage-style soft wool knit trims, loosely-knit ribbing as 1950s Sukajan originals.
  • Double labelling (inside slash pocket on blue side), featuring both KOSHO & Co (the original name of the Yokohama fabric trading company that would merge with TOYO Enterprises around 1965, today the World’s most respected sukajan manufacturer under the “Tailor Toyo” label), alongside the MF® rayon woven label.
  • Limited collector’s edition.
  • Designed in USA.
  • Crafted in Japan.
  • The Joe Greene Approved.An original mfsc/Tailor Toyo pattern inspired by 1950s Sukajan and 1960s Vietjan souvenir/tour jackets.Fine 100% rayon acetate twill “A” and “B” sides.
    Quilted “A” side with 100% cotton fiber batting (padding).

    The Mister Freedom® CALI-JAN souvenir jacket has been carefully processed (rinsed and steamed) by experienced sukajan-expert garment professionals.
    It has a vintage appearance due to the light puckering of the stitching and embroidery, and subtle shrinking of the rayon fabric. Do not attempt to hot-soak or wash this garment, it has already been processed and is ready-to-wear.
    The CALI-JAN may be considered true-to-size by some, or running a bit small for others, according to body types and fit expectations. It features a slightly longer body than some of the original vintage Sukajan with their often shrunken and cropped bodies.

    I now navigate between MEDIUM and SMALL in mfsc jackets, and opted for a Medium in the CALI-JAN. The SMALL fit better in length for my tastes, but was too tight in the chest. I am ~ 5.7′ / 145 Lbs.

    Please refer to sizing chart for approximate measurements. Note that due to the raglan sleeve pattern, arm length is measured from armpit (not shoulder seam) to knit cuff.

    Professional dry clean ONLY, in your local eco-friendly dry-cleaning facility.
    Again, DO NOT wash this jacket! This is quite a fragile garment, due to both the nature of the fine rayon twill and the intricate delicate silk-thread embroidery that could snag easily. In other words, this garment is not intended for gardening.

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