Barnstormer Jacket

Barnstormer Jacket

  •  7.000,00 DKK

An original MFSC pattern, freely inspired by early 1910s-30s US Navy/US Coast Guard wool peacoats, vintage military deck jackets and hunting coats.

Heavy-duty 100% cotton “jungle cloth”, vintage Mil-Specs 14 Oz. grosgrain, 1940s USN khaki shade, milled in Japan.
Body lining: Soft 100% cotton mid-wale corduroy, golden brown shade, milled in Japan.
Sleeve lining: 100% cotton OG-107 sateen, milled in Japan.


  • Classic 1910s~1930s US Navy & US Coast Guards melton wool peacoat pattern and construction.
  • Ten-button front closure.
  • Early USN type ’13 stars’ fouled anchor design buttons.
  • Four outside pockets: two ‘hand warmer’ slash pockets and two flap closure hip pockets, all lined with golden brown corduroy.
  • Inside chest pocket and traditional ‘cigarette’ pocket (resized to fit an average smartphone, so that you keep it tucked-in while you drive.)
  • Black tea-core horsehide leather arrowhead pocket stops and pocket welt reinforcements and contrast accents.
  • Detachable chin strap (displaying either fabric if left dangling, or concealed if buttoned under the collar.)
  • Traditional zig-zag pattern under-collar reinforcement stitching.
  • “Modified” double labeling, original MF® and mfsc woven/printed labels.
  • Cotton-wrap poly thread tonal stitching.
  • Mister Freedom® woven rayon “MFSC NAVAL CLOTHING TAILOR” label topped with “EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH UNIT” collection-specific printed label.
  • Made in Japan.

    The MF® BARNSTORMER Jacket ships raw/unwashed, and will shrink to intended/tagged size after the following initial process:

    • Cold soak for about 30-40mn, with occasional hand agitation.
    • Line dry.
    • Wear briefly before fully-dry to set creases, then hang until fully dry.

    We recommend getting your usual size in mfsc jackets/coats. Do not size down as the arm hole opening may become an issue.
    I’m ~5’7 – 140 lbs and went for a 38 in this jungle cloth peacoat model, even though I tend to navigate between 36 (Small) and 38 (Medium) lately.

    Please check out our measurement chart and compare with a similar garment you own that fits you well. To dial in your size, also consider your layering preferences.

    MF® crew sizing recs:
    CL (5’7 ~ 140 lbs): I opted for a 38 (MEDIUM), for a comfortable fit to allow layering.
    John (6’ ~ 170 lbs): 40 (LARGE)
    Ivan (5’9 ~ 160 lbs): 38 (MEDIUM)
    Enoch (6’ ~ 153 lbs): 38 (MEDIUM)

    This garment is too heavy and voluminous for a regular home washer, even one boasting “Heavy Duty” settings. A machine wash cycle will either ruin the jacket, the machine, or both.
    Professional eco-friendly dry-cleaning is recommended should heavy soiling occur. Spot cleaning with a wet rag is an option for minor stain.
    Additionally, the initial soaking process can be repeated, with a minimal dose of eco-friendly detergent added to the bath to hand wash the garment.

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